THE NORTHEAST BOTTLED WATER ASSOCIATION (NEBWA), INC is a non-profit trade association whose members are connected with the bottled water and beverage industries. Members are those engaged in production, packaging, delivering and distribution of bottled water and other beverages, as well as those who are engaged in supplying equipment, supplies and services to the industry.


Bottler and Distributor members are primarily from the Northeast, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. However, membership is not limited to these areas. Supplier members are from all areas of the United States and Canada.


Education is NEBWA's primary focus. Members are kept updated on state legislation that may affect their businesses, attend seminars two (2) times per year to be updated on the latest FDA and state requirements for the production and distribution of their products, attend training sessions to make sure they are in compliance with all state and federal regulations, meet with other industry members and stay in contact with their suppliers.